Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Safety in Mankato, MN

This Mankato house fire began in the kitchen, a common starting place for many fires, and caused damage throughout the house in a short amount of time. In just ... READ MORE

Soot removed in Hayfield, MN

We received a call with concerns of mold but what our technician found was something different. Puff back is a messy situation in which smoke and soot is releas... READ MORE

Fire Restoration in Ceylon, MN

Fires can start on all levels of a home. This fire started on the top floor attic due to faulty and old wiring. Most of the home required demo. As you can see i... READ MORE

Smoke Damage From House Fire In Ellendale, MN

Even though the fire did not start in this hallway, it was still effected by the smoke and soot that traveled in the air. The carpet was filled with acidic soot... READ MORE

Effects of Fire Damage in Lake Mills, IA

This homeowner in Lake Mills, IA learned how far smoke and soot travels within a home. A fire can destroy not only the homes interior but also family heirlooms ... READ MORE

Interior Fire Damage Ceylon MN

A home in Ceylon MN was affected with a Fire causing further damages of Soot and Smoke through out much of the home. Thankfully it was caught in time and rescue... READ MORE