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Water damage happens in vehicles too

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

frozen glass water bottle in the winter We Use Advanced Drying Equipment and Techniques to dry out any type of structure.

Water damage is no fun no matter where or what from. 

Broken or burst pipes can happen on any level in a home. Even dishwashers and washing machines can malfunction causing water to spill everywhere. One environment you may not consider water damage to happen in, can and will.

Leaving a glass water bottle in a cold vehicle during the winter is another way water damage can happen. You’d think common sense would play a fair role in this photo, but reality and a tired body or mind can lead to small mistakes that can turn into big ones. 


Anything can freeze in a vehicle overnight in the winter season, but did you know, this glass bottle, as we are told, was only in a vehicle for the duration of four hours in Minnesota's harsh and cold winters?

As you can see, the water in this glass bottle froze allowing for the glass to crack under pressure. What’s next you ask? 

Well, if you’re not able to safely remove the glass water bottle while still frozen, the end result would be having to wait for the ice to defrost resulting in, you guessed it, water damage. 

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Every water disaster is different, from the amount of water to the level of contamination of the water. Each scenario requires a unique solution, but the general process stays the same. The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” water damage emergency.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Step 3: Water Removal/Water Extraction

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair

Step 6: Restoration

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna can dry our structures of homes and businesses but we can also, if need be, dry out a vehicle too. The professionals at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna have these super amazing psychometry skills they’ve learned and become certified in, so we can dry out anything that has water damage. Yes, even a vehicle. Have we done it before? Of course, we have. 

Call SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna at 507-200-3700 for all your water damage restoration needs. We are Here to Help® you 24hrs a day. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

The Minnesota Thaw in April

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

air to air exchanger ice build up An air-to-air exchanger can build up towering icicles that could lead to home flooding.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Now that spring is slowly arriving, it is important to do a walk around maintenance check on all the plumbing exiting your home or business. 

Some of us are fortunate to have an air-to-air exchanger installed in our homes. Most newer homes have this feature, some installed in older homes too and while it’s quite a refreshing pleasure to have, you should also be aware of any ice buildup than can occur over the winter. 


Spring can be muddy in Minnesota. Shoes, pets and kids can bring in a lot of mud and dirt making "Spring cleaning" an extra chore in itself.

Did you also know? Spring can be a sign to do a thorough maintenance check on your home to prevent said "Floods." It is always important to be ready for a flood. The Minnesota department of public safety HSEM Home - Spring Flooding ( has some useful tips to be prepared for the melting of our winter snow.

Before a Flood

The following list includes action steps everyone can take to prepare for any type of flooding:

  1. Assemble an emergency kit: It should include provisions for you and your family to live on for a at least three days. Do not forget medications, medical equipment needs, phone chargers and pet supplies.

  2. Make an emergency planCommunicate and practice that plan with your family. Choose an evacuation route. Learn about the emergency plans that have been established in your area by your state and local government.

  3. Get a NOAA Weather Radio: Listen for information, including advisories, watches and warnings. Watch news reports for information and sign up for text alerts.

  4. Prepare your home: Elevate appliances such as the furnace, water heater and electric panel. Install "check valves" to prevent flood water from backing up into the drains of your home. Construct barriers to stop water from entering the building and seal basement walls.

  5. Get flood insurance: Property insurance does not typically cover flood damage and any disaster assistance will not cover all damages. Talk to your insurance provider about your policy and consider additional coverage. Flood insurance takes 30 days to go into effect, so purchase now to protect your family. 

If you were too late to check these maintenance checks and perhaps are experiencing a Spring flood, don’t worry, SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna is just a call away to help. Call us at 507-200-3700 for fast emergency services.

Even if you’re unsure if there is damage, we have specialized equipment to check your home or business for any excess moisture. As part of the community, we are your neighbors and would be glad to be your first call for a free investigation or estimate of services. 

When you call our offices, you will be greeted by one of our sincere and skilled office personnel who will ask you important questions about your specific situation. We will then, ready our crews and trucks and be on our way, “Faster to any size disaster” and prepared to make any damage, "Like it never even happened."

Franchises are independently owned and operated

Blizzards and snowfall are still possible

3/23/2022 (Permalink)

Shovel in a backyard Although we know you want to, because we do too, don't pack away your shovels just yet.

Don't put that shovel away just yet!

According to the Minnesota DNR, Historic April Snowstorms | Minnesota DNR, Minnesota is known to have historic snow fall and blizzards leading into April. The top eleven largest April Snowstorms in the Twin Cities areas from 1891-2019 are as followed:

#1 April 13-16, 2018, 15.8 inches

#2 April 14, 1983, 13.6 inches

#3 April 27-28, 1907, 13.0 inches

#4 April 19-21, 1893, 10.0 inches 

#5 April 10-12, 2019, 9.8 inches

#6 April 29-30, 1984, 9.7 inches

#7 April 6-9   1923 9.6 inches

#8 April 13-14, 1928, 9.5 inches

#9 April 13-14, 1949, 9.3 inches

#10 April 2-3   2018 9.0 inches

#11 April 8-9   1980 7.6 inches

#11 April 1-2   2002 7.6 inches

We're quite astonished by those numbers too.

however, like we suggested, don't pack away the shovels just yet. Although we've had a nice warm up towards the end of this March, there is still a chance of blizzards and snowfall to come. 

We recommend using these tips from the CDC for preparations if you have not done so yet. Preparing for a Winter Storm|Winter Weather (

Heavy winds alone from a blizzard can do horrendous damage to your roof causing heavy impacted snow to cave into your ceiling. We hope you do not experience any damage from a blizzard, but if you do, rest assured the professional, experienced technicians at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna are Here to Help® make the storm damage, "Like it never even happened."

For Fast Reliable Storm Damage Emergency Services, call SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna at 507-200-3700

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna is here for you

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

24 hr emergency professional services Powerful industrial equipment, exceptionally trained Technicians and 24/hr service for you.

Why choose SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna when you experience a flood/fire or mold emergency?

Let us tell you why.

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna has been serving the communities of Blue Earth, Steele and Waseca counties and surrounding counties since 2018. Before that, the owner, Ken Green, serviced other metro areas in a previous franchise and more. 

With over 20 years of experience, owner/operator, Ken Green and the teams at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna have been compassionate about helping others during stressful and difficult times. 

We know that when you are facing a sudden disaster, such as a flooded laundry room, mold in the guest bathroom or "Gasp" a basement filled with sewage; it can become scary and anxiety levels can quite literally climb the levels of your home. 

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna understands how stressful these situations can be. We see it every single day. However, everyone's situation is different, but the super skilled and certified technicians at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna know how to handle each and every scenario and damage you may come across.

Don't fret, climb the walls of your home, or scream; actually, scream quick if you'd like but then, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna at 507-200-3700. You'll be glad you did. 

We can attack any size disaster. Big or small. It doesn't matter to us if the mold is just a small spot in the celling, or if your entire basement is covered in sewage or water. We have your back with powerful industrial grade extraction and air mover equipment, top notch cleaning methods and solutions and one very valuable asset we bring to each and every destination we're called to:

  • Initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility
  • Regular IICRC industry certifications
  • Ongoing online E-learnings
  • Employee Certification Training in all services offered and needed to get your life back after disasters strike. 

You can trust the technicians at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna have the professional training and skills, not to mention, the "quick, fast acting know how" to handle even the toughest, most complicated disasters that can happen in a home or commercial building. 

Call SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna at 507-200-3700 for 24hr emergency services. We'll make all the mentioned disasters, "Like it never even happened."

Storm damage can happen anytime of the year in MN

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Winter storm damage Winter storm damage in March can be just as harsh as July storms in MN.

If you didn't live in Minnesota, you wouldn't know that we Minnesotans experience harsh storms all year long. 

Blizzards with heavy snow and high winds can rip through roofs, down power lines and even kids' toys left out during the seasons just as much as a large July thunderstorm can. 

We experience all kinds of weather in Minnesota, which is why many of us dress in layers, prepare for rains, snow and sleet. At times it can be difficult to prepare for damaging winds, thunderstorms, heat lightning storms, possibly hail and more. That's just Minnesota tough weather. But if the job becomes too tough for you to handle on your own, call the experts at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna at 507-200-3700.

We're Highly Trained Storm Damage Specialists

We have ample experience dealing with flooded basements, ice dams, roof damage from thunderstorms that can allow the storm indoors and when you call us right away, we can help the disaster from spreading or becoming worse. 

Our highly trained professionals use specialized equipment and advanced training to quickly restore your Mankato / Owatonna property to its pre-storm condition. We’re dedicated to our local Mankato / Owatonna residents and business owners to help where help is needed. Our team of technicians will help ease any worries you might have and develop a plan that best suits you and your restoration needs.

We're Faster to Any Size Disaster

One thing to always remember is, SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna technicians are here for you 24hrs a day, 7 days week and 365 days a year. That's right! Anytime an emergency or disaster can strike, we are also available at those times.

Major storms and flooding events can overwhelm many restoration companies. However, SERVPRO of Mankato / Owatonna can access resources from over 1900 Franchises across the state and country and even utilize Disaster Recovery Teams for major storms and disasters.

You are never alone or need to wait until normal business hours to call for help because we are available whenever you need us for emergency services. 

Preventing home fires

3/12/2022 (Permalink)

Check your lint trap in dryer We are your professional and experienced emergency fire damage restoration company.

Have you checked the lint trap in your dryer lately?

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna stays busy all year long helping residents and businesses with fire damage emergency services. 

Did you know? A fire can become life-threatening in just two minutes. A residence can be engulfed in flames in just only five minutes.

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna has been helping people get their lives back on track from fire, smoke, and soot damage all year long. There are many sources online to educate yourself and family members such as the following Home Fires |

SERVPRO wants everyone to stay safe all year and would like to share some practical tips and facts about fires.

  • Fire is FAST! In less than 30 seconds a small flame can turn into a major fire. It only takes minutes for thick black smoke to fill a house or for it to be engulfed in flames.
  • Fire is HOT! Heat is more threatening than flames. Room temperatures in a fire can be 100 degrees at floor level and rise to 600 degrees at eye level. Inhaling this super-hot air will scorch your lungs and melt clothes to your skin.
  • Fire is DARK! Fire starts bright, but quickly produces black smoke and complete darkness.
  • Fire is DEADLY! Smoke and toxic gases kill more people than flames do. Fire produces poisonous gases that make you disoriented and drowsy.

Smoke Alarms

A working smoke alarm significantly increases your chances of surviving a deadly home fire.

  • Replace batteries twice a year unless you are using 10-year lithium batteries.
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement.
  • Replace the entire smoke alarm unit every 10 years or according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never disable a smoke alarm while cooking – it can be a deadly mistake.
  • Audible alarms are available for visually impaired people and smoke alarms with a vibrating pad or flashing light are available for the hearing impaired.

SERVPRO is always Here to Help®

If you are dealing with fire damage, the experienced team at SERVPRO of Mankato / Owatonna is ready to respond. Call us anytime you experience a fire at 507-200-3700, but first, go check that lint trap in your dryer while it’s still on your mind.

Franchises are independently owned and operated.

SERVPRO technicians rescue commercial floods 24/7/365.

3/12/2022 (Permalink)

A paper jam is shown SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna can help you with your commercial damage, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Did you know that SERVPRO can help your business during any emergency?

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. A paper jam in your office printer 10 minutes before that big meeting could seem like a disaster all its own. No problem. You can fix that by maneuvering out that jam and adding new paper. A flooded office is a different disaster. Now what do you do?

Let’s hope that an important meeting isn’t about to happen when your office(s) flood but if it does, don’t worry, SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna will be there to rescue such disasters and more.

We’re a locally owned and operated company who takes pride in helping the community. As a small business owner ourselves, we want the best for other business leaders too. SERVPRO of Mankato / Owatonna responds quickly to your Mankato fire, water, or mold damage emergency, 24 hours a day. Whether the damage occurs in a small business building or a big box store, we have the training, experience, and equipment to handle the situation. Our national network of 1950 Franchises gives us access to personnel and resources to respond to any size restoration emergency. We can help the following buildings and more:

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Large Office/High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Small Retail Stores
  • Large Retail/Big-Box Stores
  • High-Rise Residential
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Government/Military

That’s why we use the most advanced equipment, professional team leaders and our valuable skills acquired through IICRC certifications.

When a crew arrives at your home or business you will be guaranteed professionalism at its highest. Our technicians undergo certification classes online and in person and maintain the continued education to stay up to date on industry best practices. Not only that but we offer a five year guarantee on our services.

If your offices have a flood due to a broken pipe, water main break, toilet overflow or whatever the situation; you can trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna to be there as quickly as possible to rescue the damage like superheroes, to prevent further damage, and help make said damage "Like it never even happened."

Call our offices at 507-200-3700 and speak to one of our kind and compassionate office personnel, answer a few questions about your emergency and we’ll be ready to roll into your neighborhood packed and ready to help.

Franchises are independently owned and operated

Professional cleaning services are just a call away

3/12/2022 (Permalink)

Home sweet home SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna's professional cleaning services can fit all your cleaning needs.

Whether you purchased a property that needs a deep cleaning, or you’ve just become too busy with life to be able to catch up with household chores. Whatever the scenario, SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna has got your back.

The majority of the time, SERVPRO is known for emergency services such as basement floods, fire damage restoration or mold mitigation but, did you know that SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna also provides deep cleaning services for commercial and residential customers? Services that go above and beyond the routine cleaning.

If you can imagine it, we’ve seen it. Trust us on that one. We have the best cleaning solutions and techniques to clean any disaster.

We can clean just about anything you can set your eye on. We can also work within your schedule that is convenient for you to make small and large disasters, "Like it never even happened." 

We’re Here to Help® get the grime out, take the burden off your shoulders, remove pet messes, and above all, renew your home to the relaxing environment it should be, Home Sweet Home.

You’d be surprised what our professionals at SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna can accomplish with our cleaning methods, experience, and equipment. But… if you’d rather dare us, then by all means, let us show you how we can make a difference in the appearance of your offices or residential home.

Whatever unique challenges your office or commercial property faces, our team will respond quickly and work with you to develop a plan of action that best fits your needs.

Call our offices to schedule your cleaning needs and we’ll accommodate whatever we can to make you, yet another valued returning customer. Call SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna today at 507-220-3700

Franchises are independently owned and operated 

When You Need Help NOW

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

Team ready to help Our team is ready to help 24/7 day or night

SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster in southern MN. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs quickly!

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment 

Have Questions? Call Us 24/7 or use our ZyraChat function on our website.


Residential Services

Whether your home needs emergency flood control or mold remediation, you can depend on us.  Our technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and can make your property look its best. Learn more about our residential services:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Storm Damage Restoration
  • Cleaning Services
  • Building/Reconstruction Services

Commercial Services

There's never a convenient time for fire or water damage to strike your Mankato/Owatonna commercial property. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services we have the training and expertise to respond promptly with highly trained technicians to get your property back to business. Learn more about our commercial services:

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Mold Remediation

We are the experts in your area ready and on call to help when disaster strikes. Call your locally owned location in Mankato/Owatonna for a quick response at 507-200-3700.

Commercial COVID Cleaning to Support Customer Needs For a Higher Standard of Clean

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Keep Your Commercial Building Clean for Customers

  • Four in five (81%) respondents strongly agree or agree that businesses need to be more aggressive in their cleaning procedures and standards now compared to pre-COVID standards.
  • Two-thirds of respondents consider hand sanitizer dispensers (68%) and employees wearing masks (67%) as must-haves for feeling comfortable entering businesses such as bookstores, clothing stores, hardware stores, restaurants, etc.
  • Three in five respondents (58%) think companies that use professional cleaners will be much or somewhat cleaner than those that use their own staff.
  • Almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents are much or somewhat more likely to choose to shop at the store that has a decal stating the store has been professionally cleaned.

(From a survey of 1,000 people conducted by SERVPRO)

Getting back to business relies on getting your customers back through your doors. And that will only happen if they feel safe and secure in your space. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean with 40% of consumers citing store cleanliness as a top concern. Are you ready to not only help keep your customers and employees safe but to communicate that you’ve chosen a higher standard of cleanliness for all Americans? Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program that goes way beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning. As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration, we stand on over 50 years of experience and expertise so you can rest assured that you have selected a higher standard of clean for all Americans – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.



  • We will assign you a Cleaning Protocol Specialist who understands your business.
  • Programs are based on a range of factors: type of industry, business type, size of space, amount of high-frequency touchpoints, foot traffic, and congestion points.



  • Trained and experienced in biohazard cleaning and decontamination for porous and non-porous surfaces – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards for your facility set by the CDC.
  • EPA-approved products, including our proprietary cleaning agent SERVPROXIDE, a hospital-grade disinfectant that is NSF certified for direct food surface use.



  • Leverage SERVPRO’s trusted brand to reassure your customers and employees that you are taking the steps needed to keep your space at a higher level of clean.
  • Communication touchpoints include a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned window emblem, signage, marks for your digital footprint, and more.

Call today to book a cleaning with SERVPRO of Mankato/Owatonna to show your employees and customers you believe in a higher standard of clean.